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Nancy is a practicing metaphysician, author, artist and radio show host. For a private consultation, send an email. To purchase books and CD’s, please visit the Shoppe page.

Slightly Askew with Nancy at Noon is a 30 minute internet radio show that provides hope and strength for everyone on the planet. I take you into the heart of all things that truly matter and help you understand how they impact the way you think, feel and react to people, situations and events, shaping the fabric of your experiences. Including, practical and useful application of ancient wisdom for the fast-paced lives of today’s men and women.

Join me live every Wednesday at 12 noon EST. Exciting guests and authentic conversations!

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Van Gogh Inspired me to Paint Again

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Van Gogh inspired me to paint again. In my radio show this week I said I would post a pic of the last painting I did. So here it is. I did it several years ago and never finished it, but everyone who looked at it loved it and said it looked finished to them. What do you think?

Next week I will post my new painting.

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Van Gogh inspired me to paint again. He created 900 paintings – masterpieces – in 10 years. For those of you who are slow at math, that’s 90 paintings a year. When I stopped doing art I took a big hit, spiritually. I lost hope for life, lost my motivation, saw no future for myself. I didn’t even care if I had a future ….. but some part of my deep down inside DID CARE. And that’s the part I want to come home to.

It’s not about the art; it’s about the silence it brings me when I’d engaged in any of my creative passions. I’m totally in the present moment. I’m not thinking about all the other pressing matters I have to tend to. In fact time flies by so fast, it could be 3 am before I realize that I missed breakfast, lunch and dinner!

That space or place of silence IS the end of suffering. When I’m in that space I don’t want anything, I don’t need anything, I’m energetic and alive. If I walked into my art studio tired or fatigued, that state of being changes the moment I lay the first color on the canvas. This space of silence is also a place of healing . . . . and it’s the place where my future is being created. We can all achieve a state of silence. It just involves stopping the mind from thinking.

In my radio show this week I said I would post a pic of the last painting I did. So here it is. I did it several years ago and never finished it, but everyone who looked at it loved it and said it looked finished to them. What do you think?

Next week I will post my new painting.

Medicinal Wine

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Medicinal wine has been used by many cultures throughout history to heal dis-ease. It is good for increasing agni (digestive fire), and excellent for digestion. It also cleans the lungs and is good for colds and flu. It decreases mucous and helps the intestines function efficiently . . .

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1/2 tsp of each of the following:
- ginger powder
- cloves
- black pepper
- 1/2 cinnamon stick
- something rusty (yes, seriously!)


Add above ingredients to wine in bottle. Close and leave horizontal for 10 days. Turn bottle 45 degrees once a day. On day 10 sieve the wine into a pot to boil. Pour the whole bottle of wine through a sieve using a heavy paper towel or something similar to remove all the fine particles. The wine will keep indefinitely even after opening.

Boil wine. When it starts to boil turn off burner. Wait until it’s cool then put back into the bottle. Serve warm either before or after a meal.

This medicinal wine will increase pitta. Take 1x before lunch for the digestive stimulation. Take 2x a day for lungs. You can take this wine daily for up to 3 months. After 3 months your body is used to it so the effect is diminished.

All medicinal recipes can have positive and negative effects because that which brings balance can also bring imbalance.

Negative effects can be constipation due to the dryness of the wine formula.

Worthy Principles To Live By

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Before you say anything to anyone, ask yourself;

1. Is it true?

2. Is it kind?

3. Is it necessary?

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So much time and life essence is spent in drama. What’s it all for? Do people think their lives are less exciting without self-created drama? Is it a way of trying to “feel” again after becomming deadened from too much sensual stimulation, violence on tv, abrasive music, profane language and life outside our heart centers?

Cell phones are a great thing, but next time before you text, decide what unspoken need you are trying to satisfy. Then ask yourself if what you are writing is true, kind or necessary. Will it create a lot of energy-wasting drama instead of the love, deep peace and inner joy you may truly be seeking? If so, this is the point where your decision to choose another action or non-action could be life-changing for you and everyone you involve in your dramas. Give yourself a health boost and send a prayer, blessing or invisible hug to someone instead of that next text.

Art is a great way to get you into a place of inner silence and back to your truth. If it’s not your thing to dive into the paints, clays and mucky stuff, take some time to visit an art gallery. Just looking at the colors, forms and textures created by an artist with passion is enough to lift you to a different level of appreciation for the beauty and diversity of life. Art speaks to us from a whole different dimension of existence and reaches deep into our souls like nothing else can, other than music.

Easy Inspiration

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Sometimes it takes just a little bit of effort to get out of the rut. Sure, it would have been much easier to stay in bed with the covers over my head today. No one would have ever known . . .

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Self motivation is a tough discipline. We can let our negativity hold us in a downward spiral or we can choose to be our own sunshine on days like today. Every day. If we want a better quality of life and the door to opportunity to open for us, we need to get up, stand up and stay up for ourselves because nobody is going to do it for us.

I didn’t want to get up today. I had that, “what’s the point” attitude because all I do is work from early morning until late at night with no end in sight. Plus it’s dark and dismal and threatening to rain. So I forced myself to go to the beach for a long walk even though there was a 97% chance I would get drenched.

The beach was colorless and silent. I felt heavy on this cold, bleak December day. The water level was so low I could walk out to the end of nowhere and still only see gray rocks. I asked my guides and angels to clear my negativity. I tried to find something to appreciate or be grateful for. Reaching for gratefulness was a steep climb up the emotional attitude ladder for me today. I settled on being grateful I was walking in running shoes on sand. In other words, “yay, no snow!”

And that’s how it began. I thought of walking the beach in Florida. I love Florida. The people are so friendly, a beach walk is like an afternoon on Social Avenue. Then I thought, “I’m going to get in shape for a trip to Florida!” I have a few air miles. That glimmer of hope was all I needed. I walked twice the distance with 3 times the enthusiasm, just because I had a purpose.

The thoughts kept coming. I need to make some jewelry because there’s an art gallery owner in Fort Lauderdale who loves my work. There’s an art gallery in Michigan that wants my jewelry and a couple local stores in my town. I felt my enthusiasm rising.

Within a matter of minutes my passion was rekindled. I felt inspired to paint, make jewelry, bake cakes and do a vision board of what I want to accomplish in life. The new me. I felt happy! The beach came alive. The rocks weren’t gray anymore. They were so many colors and shapes. The beach grass was a gorgeous soft yellow with deep brown undertones. A perfect complement to the paynes gray sky.

The setting sun peeked through the opening in the clouds. My phone camera battery died because I took so many pictures! With just a little bit of effort and determination I turned my gloom and doom attitude into radiance that ignited from inside. That’s the difference between motivation and inspiration. You can do it too. Never stay down when you don’t want to get up. And never settle for less than your absolute best.

Art Makes You Beautiful

article image

A painting REFLECTS YOU and your energy

How does this make YOU beautiful?

Simple. Every time you look at a painting you see an aspect of yourself. If you choose art that was created by a person with a beautiful spirit, her energy is embedded in the paints she uses, the canvas, the image and even the sweep of the brush.

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The painting that is born from an artist’s deep inner beauty radiates that energy into your home and seeps into your spirit. This allows you to connect to the Higher Source Inner Beauty from which all heart-centered artists channel and create, and thus raises your own vibrational level.

And as you know, outer beauty is merely a physical display of the beautiful Being you are inside. We don’t always show this side of ourselves to others because of the walls we put up to counter the conflict and chaos we meet with every day of our lives in the outside world.

You can enhance your external beauty merely by being surrounded in beautiful artwork. Art . . .

* Uplifts your Spirit * Feeds your Soul * Magnifies your Natural Beauty * And Adorns your Walls

Anything else you need to know can be found in the images on this site.

Stuffed Zucchini with Tomato Almond Nut Pate

article image

A very refreshing recipe that is great all year long. Fun and easy on the Barbeque or cooked in the oven. Very filling and fulfilling; you won’t need a side dish when you serve it. Recipe below . . .

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-1 large (9 inch) zucchini or 5 small
- salt
- pepper
- olive oil

Slice zucchini lengthwise. Scoop out seeds. Brush zucchini with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. Bake in oven or face down on barbeque for about 10 minutes. You can also wrap in tin foil for barbeque but be sure to drain the water before stuffing with the nut pate.

Tomato Almond Nut Pate

A handful of each of the ingredients below will stuff 1 very large zucchini or 5 small zucchinii.

- soaked dried tomatoes
- red pepper
- carrot
- soaked almonds
- olive oil
- fresh ripe tomato
- lots of fresh basil
Add spices to taste
- salt
- pepper
- coriander
- pinch of cumin

Preparation Directions

Soak almonds overnight. Soak dried tomatoes for a couple hours.

Dice red pepper and carrots. Put all ingredients, except fresh basil, into a Magic Bullet, food processor or blender. Blend until it reaches a consistency you will enjoy eating. I like my pate a little bit chunky like salsa, but it is also great with a smother consistency. Add lots and lots of chopped basil.

Scoop heaping spoonfuls of nut pate on top of cooked zucchini. Serve warm.

This pate is also great as a refreshing and high protein snack with crackers. If your friends are going to remember one thing about that great party you threw it’s going to be the tomato almond pate no matter how you serve it!

Wedding Dress Silhouettes

article image

Ball Gown Silhouette

The ball gown is a favorite bridal dress silhouette that never goes out of style. Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy, Kate Middleton and Princess Dianna are a few leading ladies who wore the ball gown style wedding dress. Their dress ranged from $68,000 to $400,000.

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Go Wild! Color has Pizazze!

No wonder women get married more than once. There are so many gorgeous dress from which to choose, we don’t have enough occasions to wear them all!

Who says you have to wear a white wedding dress? Many cultures infuse their wedding attire with color. You can too. There are no rules anymore.

Mori Lee strapless ball gown

And my absolute all-time favorite.

Love the necklaces and hat. This dress screams,


Dress by Scena D’uno

Lemon Ginger Infusion

article image

Start your day the refreshing way!

So simple to make with benefits that last all day. I drink this tea every morning and never have a cold. And the health benefits are AMAZING! You MUST try it. Recipe below . . .

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Put 2 -3 slices of fresh ginger root into a pot of water. Boil for 5-7 minutes. Turn off heat and let it steep for another 4-5 minutes. Pour into your favorite mug or tea cup, add 1/2 a squeezed lemon and stir in some honey to taste. Enjoy. That’s it!


* Increases concentration * Relieves tension * Warms the body: great for people who get cold easily, the elderly or those living in cold climates * Loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants * Aids digestion * Uplifts mood * Gets rid of nausea * Soothes muscle spasms and menstrual cramps * Helps relieve pain, bad breath and common cold * Strengthens your immune system and fights infection * Excellent stress-buster * Lemon increases alkaline balance in body to ward off colds and increase immunity

Warm Apples with Walnuts

article image

A simply delightful way to warm up your tummy and you mood. Nothing better than a dish of warm, chunky spiced apples in a fancy cut glass dessert dish served with a hot mug of ginger lemon tea. A soothing appetizer to the start of a healthy New Year. Recipe below . . .

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  • 2 apples
  • 1/8 cup walnuts
  • 1 tsp fresh ginger
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • Pinch of cloves
  • Pinch of salt


Raw organic sugar and cinnamon

Gently cook all ingredients until apples are tender. Add a little bit of water to keep mixture from sticking to pan. Sprinkle with cinnamon topping and serve warm. Serves one.

Good Kapha balancing breakfast or dessert.


article image

Yesterday I was quite impressed by what the Trump family had to say on the Oprah show. Impressed by the clear evidence that they are truly a family. A family that loves, honors, respects and enjoys being with each other – at least on a level visible to the public . . .

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The kids were all happy, healthy and flourishing. Each of them exhibited a strong sense of independence and the desire to live their best life while giving back to the world in their own unique way. And they all expressed a sense of appreciation for what they have and they didn’t take it for granted.

Sure, it’s easy to justify a wealthy family’s mind/body/spirit abundance by saying, “Anyone can be happy and healthy when they are born into money.” But that’s not necessarily true. There are plenty of people who have been handed everything on a material plane, and yet can’t pull it together mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Wealth comes with its own set of personal challenges for individuals and families just as does poverty. If you need an example, compare any of the Trump offspring’s level of gratitude and self-actualization to that of Paris Hilton.

An unfathomable number of teens today believe that happiness comes from being independent. They believe independence comes from disconnecting from family, disrespecting their parents in an effort to look grown-up and “cool” to their peers and alienating siblings in order to be the only shining star in the family who attracts all the attention – positive or negative.

Yet, if our youth today were truly as smart as they think they are they would realize that independence isn’t something found “out there,” wherever “there” is. It’s not “found” in London, L.A. or New York. You don’t suddenly have “it” when you get a university degree, your own car, an apartment or a job that pays your rent. And it certainly doesn’t come from a need to prove yourself. That’s called bondage.

Independence comes from a sense of self that is gained through strong family values. CONNECTION not disconnection, alienation or abandonment. Independence is a sense of peace within and an acceptance of everyone. It’s not about proving to yourself or others that you can make it on your own. Total independence separate from all others is a falacy. We are all inter-dependent, relying on each other and the universe to provide us with the basics of air, sun, food and shelter, fuel for heat and transportation, technology for instant communication and so much more. We also inter-depend on each other for friendship, support and help in times of need.

The reason the Trump offspring have such a strong sense of Self is because they were raised with solid work ethics, respect for their parents and healthy family values. I didn’t hear any cries of victimization from the Trump kids on Oprah yesterday and they’ve had just as much or more drama in their lives as teens who were raised in “normal” families.

I’m not saying Donald and his gang don’t have flaws. And yes, they presented their best selves to the millions of viewers who were watching. But here’s the thing. It worked! The Trumps showed families around the world how to be a family.

Our truly wise teens who can expand their world view and step INTO a sense of honest connectedness with mom, dad, sister and brother will be the first ones to gain that real sense of independence they are so desperately seeking. It’s not about running away; it’s about coming home. Coming home to your Self. No matter how far you travel or how wide you search, true independence is only found in the spirit of community, which is really just an expanded view of family. And family is just an expanded view of Self.

So when it comes right down to it independence isn’t about going it alone; it’s about thriving in harmony with others.

Creamed Pear Delight

article image

Creamed Pears is such a comforting dish, and so easy to make. I love it warm with a dash of sweet spices sprinkled on top. Recipe below . . .


  • 2 very ripe pears
  • 3 or 4 dates that were soaked overnight in water, plus the date juice water
  • 10 soaked almonds
  • pinch of nutmeg
  • a sprinkle of cinnamon

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  • 2 very ripe pears
  • 3 or 4 dates that were soaked overnight in water, plus the date juice water
  • 10 soaked almonds
  • pinch of nutmeg
  • a sprinkle of cinnamon
  • 1 tablespoon of fresh chopped ginger


Organic raw sugar and cinnamon

Gently stew all ingredients until tender. Blend mixture until smooth. Garnish with cinnamon sugar topping and serve warm. Serves 2.

Good for Kapha. Cold

How to Be In Love EVERY DAY!

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“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength,
while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” Lao Tzu

Everyone wants to be in love. It feeds our souls and warms our hearts. Love makes it worthwhile to get up in the morning and sing our way through each day. It causes us to be more generous, thoughtful and compassionate towards others. It makes us feel sexy and alive. . .

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inspires our creativity, keeps us young and makes us appreciate the softer, subtler qualities of life. Being in love elevates us to another dimension and keeps us feeling crazy wonderful all day long.

Every day can be filled with love and romance. Imagine feeling alive and so fully turned on that a smile naturally radiates from deep inside and makes you and everyone around you feel like they are bathed in sunshine, teddy bears and whipped cream. Close your eyes for a moment and feel the love that is all around you. It’s coming to you from all directions, just need to relax and allow it in.

“If I had a flower for every time I thought of you…
I could walk through my garden forever.” Alfred Tennyson

You are probably thinking there are a few major obstacles to this romantic loved-filled way of being that makes it totally impractical in real life for people who aren’t poets or artists or hopeful romantics.

  1. I don’t have a partner.
  2. My partner isn’t romantic.
  3. I don’t have time.
  4. It’s impossible with kids, work, dinner and daily chores.
  5. It’s just too much effort.

Love, romance and intimacy are all about your emotional health, and to some extent, your level of emotional maturity. It’s actually more important to pay more attention to your emotional health than to your physical health. Your physical health is directly related to your emotional well-being. Thus, if you take care of your emotions your physical health will naturally follow suit.

How does emotional or physical health make a difference in love, romance, intimacy and relationships? If you have ever been hurt in a relationship, chances are you’ve closed off a big chunk of your heart. When you shut down your heart you are living a fear-based existence whether you are aware of it or not.

Loosely paraphrasing the words of Miguel Ruiz, if you haven’t opened the wound, cleaned out the poison, and healed it back up again, the hurt is just going to keep festering and the pain won’t ever really go away. This is what we call burying your emotions.

When we’ve been hurt, whether it’s because of a lover, parent, child, sibling or friend, it’s hard to trust again. But it’s not about trusting someone else, it’s about trusting ourselves. Even that’s hard to do when we’ve been betrayed, abused, lied to and taken advantage of. But if we don’t trust, we can’t really open up and give ourselves wholeheartedly to another person. Worse yet, we can’t experience the fullness of who we truly are.

So how do we turn all this around and fall in love if we don’t trust and are fearful of being hurt? How do we have the feeling of being in love if we don’t HAVE a partner? And how do we keep that “in love” feeling every day for the rest of our lives?

It’s really quite simple. We can conjure up any feeling we desire anytime we choose. If you want to be in love everyday then conjure up that feeling, every day. We are the ONLY ones who get to choose how we feel, so choose how you want to feel! Be the sun that shines love into every nook and cranny of your life.

How To Make Happiness Last

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Happiness is a choice. It’s YOUR choice. It may seem like lots of things outside our control stand in the way of having a life where happiness reins, but it’s not true. Stress is the biggest obstacle. It plays a huge role in our moods and emotional state.

In other words, if you are stressed, you are not happy. You can argue this point but your physiology is going to tell you, me and everyone around you what’s really going on. When you eliminate stress you totally transform your entire physiology from a negative, depressed, fatigued existence to a joyful, positive abundant enthusiasm for life. . . .

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The bottom line is that stress does a major number on our bodies, our minds and our emotions. When we are in a stressed state, cortisol, which is commonly known as the stress hormone, is being released in our bodies along with 1400 other chemicals to help move us through danger. When we experience one stress response after another, after another and another, it does tremendous amount of wear and tear damage to our nervous systems
When we are stressed, we aren’t happy. We may think we are but that’s because we’ve made the “stressed state” our “normal” way of being. And “normal” is different from our “natural” state of being, which is happiness. When we are stressed we implement a lot of coping behaviors to help us get through whatever is causing us stress, whether we are aware of doing it or not. We use food, alcohol, sex and even relationships as coping mechanisms or escape tactics.

So let’s have a look at happiness. There are 2 different kinds: the kind that lasts and the kind that doesn’t. It’s that simple. We’ve all experienced some of both. The kind of happiness that fades usually appears to be good in the beginning but always ends in misery of some sort. The kind of happiness that lasts doesn’t always appear to be pleasurable in the beginning but in the end it always leads to joy.

Fast food is a good example. When we eat fast food it gives us immediate taste pleasure because of the salt, the chemical flavors and the deep fried oils. Yum on the surface, yuck on the inside! We are so happy to have the instant convenience of a meal that’s ready-made in under 5 minutes and feeds our hunger. But it’s not long before we have a stomach ache or feel like we weren’t satisfied or shouldn’t have eaten it at all. We often end up feeling tired, bloated and mentally dull. Any happiness we got from fast food is gone pretty fast. It’s just instant gratification with no value.

Whereas a home cooked meal involves preparation and time before we can enjoy it. There are a lot of steps between buying the groceries to chopping the vegetables to eating the meal. And the process of making food can often seem like a chore. But in the end we experience greater pleasure that lasts longer. The food tastes better, it satisfies our nutritional needs and doesn’t give us indigestion or leave us wishing we’d made a better choice. And, if we are feeding our kids, we feel good knowing they ate something healthy.

Take a minute right now and find examples in your own life of a time when happiness was short-lived, and what you were doing, eating, drinking, thinking or saying . . . and another time when happiness lasted.. . . and what you were doing, thinking and saying.

Lasting happiness comes from devotion. And devotion comes from having a discipline. A discipline means sticking with something we know is good for us even though it might not be a lot of fun. A discipline needs to be done regularly or it won’t yield results. Like brushing your teeth and showering every day. Those are disciplines we started early in life and I’m sure if we ask our moms, they’ll tell us we didn’t always want to brush our teeth or take a shower. But our moms knew that making this discipline part of our daily routine was going to yield happiness that lasted well into our adult lives.

The first step in having happiness that lasts is making a DECISION that you are going to be happy! Then start making choices that add value to your life in all areas. And make that your discipline.

You CAN Have a Stress-Free Wedding!

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Have you been dreaming about your wedding day since you were 7 years old? Did you meticulously plan out every detail in your mind including the black tuxedo and purple bow tie your Prince Charming was going to wear? You probably even drew honeymoon pictures of you and . . .

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your handsome beau gazing into each other’s eyes with the Swiss Alps playing backdrop to your childhood fantasy. But I bet you never factored stress into this romantic love story, did you?

Now you are a grown woman, your engagement ring is real, the date is set and the pressure is on. It’s up to you to make this dream wedding come true. If the thought of this huge responsibility doesn’t send you into despair, dealing with budgets, contracts, unexpected obstacles and uncooperative family members could definitely tip your sanity level into stress overload mode.

Good news! Stress is an option when planning your wedding, not a given. That means you have the choice to buy into it or arm yourself with awareness and choose solutions that support your happiness and well-being. We all know that when we are under stress we are in a fight/flight response state and our bodies release a hormone called cortisol. Too much cortisol in our system over an extended period of time depresses our immune systems, weakens our memories, can cause sleeplessness, low sperm count and high levels of anxiety, depression and fear. Our decision-making abilities are severely affected causing us to react to people and situations in ways we later regret. It also makes us old.

So, how can you be stress-free when planning your big day? Well, money is one of the biggest causes of stress when planning a wedding, so make a realistic budget and rigidly stick to it. You could do some effective time management and organization, write a job list, let go of being a control freak and delegate everything possible to family and friends who want a piece of the action. Don’t be too proud or egotistical to ask for help! Others may not do the job as good as you, but it’s not about perfection, it’s about creating a beautiful celebration of love.

And speaking of love . . . strategies are an effective way to manage stress but LOVE is the only way to eliminate it. Researchers at the Institute of HeartMath in Boulder CA have shown that the heart’s electrical field has 40 – 60 times more amplitude than that of the brain. And, the magnetic field of the heart is 5,000 times stronger than the magnetic field produced by the brain.

Stress comes from the head, loves comes from the heart. So, when you feel overwhelmed just remember that your wedding is about the union of 2 people in love. Then let your heart’s electromagnetic field do the rest. I guarantee your stress will instantly melt away, your cortisol level will drop and that genuine smile will return to your face. You may even be surprised to see that everyone around you will be calmer and more cooperative. Yep, it’s that simple when you remember that it’s all about love!

Need help de-stressing? Call me. I have effective answers that work instantly. 519-396-9864.

Will Anyone Come to My Wedding During the Holiday Season?

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The holidays are not an easy time for many people. Whether we spend them with loved ones, friends or by ourselves, expectations are high and stress is rampant. How often have you felt overwhelmed, overworked, lonely, disconnected or broke during the holiday season? You are not the only one. It can be a beautiful experience to get married . . .

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around Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day or any other significant holiday, but it can also triple the stress level for you, your family, friends and guests.

We all want our wedding to be memorable. Let’s face it, marriage is one of those huge milestones in life that rightly deserves to take place on a day that has meaning for us. And, although we like to think our wedding is all about us, it’s not. So many people contribute to the success of our big day. The caterers, florists, presiding officials, dress designers, photographers and wedding planners, just to name a few. But our family, friends and guests are the ones who actually go out of their way to free their busy schedules in order to help make our day the festive celebration it truly deserves to be.

When we’re getting married we want to shout to the world our undying love for the person with whom we are about to spend the rest of our lives. We have so much energy and enthusiasm because we are brimming with happiness and anticipation of the great new life ahead of us. Sometimes we are so caught up in our own world that we forget to consider others. What’s going on in the lives of your friends and family during the holiday season?

It’s a stressful time for everyone because there is more happening during the holidays than any other time of year. There is so much to do and so many additional activities that demand attention that we are often tired before we get out of bed in the morning. We have our children’s school concerts, office parties, social gatherings and family dinners we are required to attend. We have gifts to buy and wrap, cards to send, extra grocery shopping to do and decorations to put up around the house. Often, our jobs require us to work overtime, altering the dynamics in our personal lives. Laundry piles up, housecleaning goes untended and loved ones get neglected. We spend more money than we have or can afford and conflict start to escalate.

All sorts of emotions well up inside us because in our struggle to please everyone we get further and further away from what truly matters to us. We start feeling guilt or self-blame. It’s easy for others to push our buttons and trigger our defense mechanisms. We react in anger or self-punishment and begin to employ compensation behaviors such as eating and drinking too much. The downward slide starts the moment we disconnect with our inner being. That feeling of emptiness and discontent starts playing a bigger role in our attitude and the way we feel about the holidays. Add a wedding into the mix and it can easily push some people over the top.

Does anyone want to come to a wedding that takes place during the holiday season? I don’t know. If you want your R.S.V.P.s to be confirmations, it’s your job to make them want to attend. In a way, it’s no different from marketing a product. We think we’ve got the greatest thing going. Something everyone wants, needs and must have. But when marketing a product the company must convince people that they can’t live without it. We’re offering them free food, free booze, entertainment, dancing and fun, fun fun! Why wouldn’t they come? But your guests aren’t necessarily looking at it through your eyes of generosity and love.

So what can you do about it? I’m not telling you to ‘sell’ your wedding. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make your guests’ decisions to attend or not to attend easier when you are getting married during the holiday season.

Make it a daily practice first thing in the morning to ask yourself, your guides, angels or whomever you pray to, how you can provide a stress-free wedding for yourself and all your guests. Then sit for 20 minutes in silence with your eyes closed. The answers will come and you will be amazed at how simple they will be. When they do, send me an email and I will share your solutions with other brides who have their hearts set on exchanging vows during the holiday season. Be the first to start a trend of stress-free holiday weddings.

Tradition or Superstition?

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Traditions and superstitions play a role in all aspects of life, including weddings. Often over time, a superstition becomes a tradition that brides follow without ever questioning its origin. There is nothing wrong with following traditions if they have value in your life. But when we do things just because they have been done before, that’s when we remain shrouded . . .

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in the veil of unconsciousness. We become followers, not leaders. Your wedding is the gateway into your marriage. The awareness you put into the choices you make now, will affect the rest of your life.

Superstitions originate from fear-based thinking. Fear-based thinking comes from lack of knowledge and understanding. We feel powerless to control the things that are scaring us. Modern brides continue to carry on traditions in their weddings today without knowing their origins. This feeds the tradition power, and when that tradition came from a superstition, it feeds the fear. All actions have consequences. I want your wedding to be the gateway into a blissful partnership and a love union that will stand the test of time. So let’s look at two traditions that are closely connected and have their origins in superstition.

The tradition of not letting the groom see the dress before the bride walks down the aisle came from a fear-based superstition. Back in the days when arranged marriages were the norm, the groom wasn’t allowed to see his future bride at all. It wasn’t about the dress, it was about the woman. Marriages weren’t about love. They were business deals and property transactions for personal gain between the two marrying families. The groom wasn’t allowed to see the bride beforehand in case he thought her ugly, old or unacceptable and called off the wedding.

There was a lot at stake for both families if the ‘business deal’ fell through. Remember, times were different and unlike today, these couples were not in love. They didn’t even know each other. Imagine yourself in that bride’s position. You are young, inexperienced in the ways of the world and you are about to be thrown into bed and into an entirely new life with a man who could be cruel, selfish, controlling and five times your age! What thoughts would be going through your mind? What emotions would you be feeling? I’m sure our ancestor bridal sisters felt that way and even stronger. Plus, they had the added fear of rejection hovering over them. “What if this man abandons me at the alter?” Imagine the shame that would cause the bride and her family and the scorn and possible physical brutality that could result. That is pretty darn scary.

The families took extreme measures to pull off a marriage transaction. They even went so far as to hide the bride’s face until the “I dos” were said. Thus, the practice of wearing a veil to cover the bride’s face. No one wanted the groom to see any part of his bride in case he bolted out of the church before the deal was signed. Practicing anything gives it momentum, so, after a time these practices became tradition.

We’ve come a long way baby! Arranged marriages are not the norm these days but brides still carry on the tradition of forbidding the groom to see her or her dress before she walks down the aisle. We need to question the value these traditions have or don’t have in their own lives. And, we need to have conscious knowledge of the energy of the messages we are conveying. It’s not okay to have our freedom of choice stripped from us. It’s not okay to be bought, sold or traded like chattel. It’s not okay to be forced to have sexual relations with a man in order to fulfill one’s ‘duty’. It’s not okay to be made to feel shame because our looks do not match the expectations someone has set for us. It’s not okay to be demeaned as women by authority figures who think we don’t have enough intelligence to choose our own life partners.

It is okay to have traditions. But choose them wisely and with awareness. Then, decide if it carries a message that is in alignment with the best you have to offer. Your wedding matters to you and to others. The love you share in relationship with your partner has the power to positively impact the future generation of lovers. Use this power with foresight and intention.

An Auspicious Day For A Wedding

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“Married in January’s hoar and rime,
Widowed you’ll be before your prime.
Married in February’s sleepy weather,
Life you’ll tread in time together.
Married when March winds shrill and roar,

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Your home will lie on a distant shore.
Married ‘neath April’s changeful skies,
A chequered path before you lies.
Married when bees o’er May-blossoms flit,
Strangers around your board will sit.
Married in month of roses, June,
Life will be one long honeymoon.
Married in July with flowers ablaze,
Bitter-sweet memories in after days.
Married in August’s heat and drowse,
Lover and friend in your chosen spouse.
Married in September’s golden glow,
Smooth and serene your life will go.
Married when leaves in October thin,
Toil and hardships for you begin.
Married in veils of November mist,
Fortune your wedding-ring has kissed.
Married in days of December’s cheer,
Love’s star shines brighter from year to year.” – Unknown Poet.1

Choosing the perfect day to get married involves more than booking a date with the church and the banquet hall. In every culture throughout history there have been auspicious days when exchanging vows are purported to bring good luck. And, days when it is believed that tying the knot will end in disaster. You could consider the auspiciousness of a day to be a tradition that is steeped in superstition. Or, you could look at the science behind the choosing of a date.

Numerology and astrology have always played an important role in ancient civilizations. The Great Pyramids of Egypt , the Mayan ruins, and Stonehenge are testimony to the uncanny understanding and practical use of astrology that was common knowledge to people who lived thousands of years before us. Their accomplishments stand the test of time and surpass any achievements modern man has made to date.

Buddha’s father consulted an astrologer when his son was born, and many times thereafter to gain clarity about important events and dates in the life of Buddha. Back then it was common practice to have a chart drawn up by a man of the stars. I’m not saying you should consult an astrologer to help you choose the perfect date for your wedding . . . . although it’s not a bad idea. I’m saying let’s consider the bigger picture and the influence the stars, the moon, the seasons and planetary alignments have on us humans, and that maybe there is more to the choosing of a date than we first considered.

Let’s face it, we can’t deny the fact that the tides rise during a full moon, affecting our body chemistry and altering our moods. Nor can we easily dismiss the miscommunication and mechanical failures that takes place during a Mercury Retrograde. Or, how about the increased rate of accidents, depression, heart attacks and mental instability that sweeps the planet during a period of frequent solar flares? Planetary activity affects the electromagnetic fields of the earth and the electromagnetic energy of our hearts and brains.

I’m not a scientist, nor am I superstitious, but I try not to travel during a Mercury retrograde. I won’t make major decisions during a full moon. And, when the solar flares are particularly feisty I make darn sure I increase my yoga and meditation practice to stay balanced and calm.

Married in September’s golden glow, Smooth and serene your life will go.
Married when leaves in October thin, Toil and hardships for you begin.

Maybe there is more substance behind the lines of this poem than we realize, or are willing to accept. When you choose a date for your wedding nuptials give some thought to the planetary influences that will converge on that day, creating the astrological birth chart for your new born partnership.

1 Urlin, Ethel L. Short History of Marriage. N.p. : Omnigraphics, 1990. Print.

Make Your Love Story Legendary

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Art is the most honest and significant form of communication and connection between human beings. People have left their cultural footprints in images since the beginning of time. The 30,000 year old cave paintings in Lascaux contained more than just pictures of horses, bison and humans. They were codes that clearly conveyed concepts about reality to fellow cave people through symbolic language. In the Baroque era, Flemish artist Peter Paul Rubens shows us that a full-figured woman wearing a size 22 in was considered beautiful. . . .

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And in the 20th century Bob Gruen was more than a rock and roll photographer. He was a documentarian capturing a piece of revolutionary history that mere words can never describe.

Images tell the story of man’s evolution. They share a history. The themes, content and technology may differ throughout the ages, but all images share a common thread. They are pictorial stories that unite the masses. When we use self-expression to voice our emotions, thoughts, values and ideals we are contributing to the collective history of our personal culture. By sharing our works of art we are making statements in time and space that have the power to increase awareness to all races of people, and spread peace on earth.

Multiculturalism is about recognizing, acknowledging and accepting the vast diversity among all human beings who inhabit this planet. When we accept each other’s differences we are able to live amicably on a footing of equality with one another. It gives us a feeling of security and self-confidence to know that beneath the costumes, beliefs and situations we are all one family. The walls are coming down. The division between enemy and friend is narrowing as acceptance of cultural diversity is expanding.

We have finally entered an age where a woman’s choice to raise her children and care for the home is no longer considered less than a man’s choice to make business deals and sign contracts. The color of your skin doesn’t dictate your seat on the bus. A high school drop-out can create a billion dollar business that rivals the best of any Harvard, Yale or Princeton graduate. A Catholic can marry a Jew, blacks can marry whites and Hindus can marry Sikhs. Age, race and sexual preferences are no longer disqualifying factors for employment. A child born out of wedlock is not labeled trash, nor is his mother shunned and made an outcast from society. “We’ve come a long way baby!”

As a global community we have reached a milestone in human evolution. It’s important to celebrate milestones because it gives us a moment to pause and see how far we have come, and to map the course for where we are headed. Your wedding art and photography is your chance to leave a mark in history. Stand out from the crowd and think about the story you want to tell, the message you want to share with your family, friends, children and grandchildren. A pictorial voice of love and celebration speaks volumes. Use your wedding art to stamp your indelible footprint in history by telling a beautiful love story.

Manifest Your Dream Wedding Using Law of Attraction

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We’ve all heard of the Law of Attraction, but I bet no one has ever told you how to apply it to manifest the wedding of your dreams, have they? It’s a pretty simple process that will enhance your life, your relationships and the ease of a beautiful wedding . . .

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It’s pretty simple. According to Abraham-Hicks, there are 3 steps to getting what you want in life. We are going to apply these steps to make every aspect of your wedding easier, more joyful, and be all the things you have always imagined it could be. There is really only one step we need to focus on, but let’s look at the other steps just for the fun of it.

Step #1: Ask for it. This step is already done. We have either outright asked the universe to fulfill our desires through our prayers, our intentions or through the faith that things will always work out for us. Or, seeing our reality as it is right now and not seeing it filled with the manifestation of our desires, has caused us to shout out vibrationally the things we want. Either way, the asking part is done.

Step #2: The universe, God, Conscious Intelligence, or whatever name you have given to the Source that created us and all things, has answered. Hard to believe when we don’t see concrete evidence of it staring us in the face, but it’s true. In nearly every religious and spiritual text known to man you will find words to the effect of, “Ask and it is given.” You may argue that the must have gorgeous silk dress that costs $50,000 is not wrapped around your body ready for you to mesmerize the crowds and shock the paparazzi on your big day. That’s because you have not practiced Step #3.

Step #3: Align with the vibration of the desires you have set in motion. That basically means find a way to release resistance and move into the mode of allowing. This is the step that takes practice. But it is totally possible for you to have everything you want when it is in alignment with the desires of your inner being and true essence. It’s just as easy to manifest a quaint little cottage wedding as it is to manifest your dream castle filled with servants, guest and

So, what is a vibration and how do we align with it. Every second of every day we emit vibrations. Most people aren’t aware of the vibrations they are radiating to others. A simple example we have all experienced is when we walk into a room and feel like something is not right. Someone in the room could be unhappy or feeling other negative emotions and you sense the vibe of the room and start feeling kind of down. Or, there could be ghosts. Either way, you are picking up the vibrational quality of someone or something that does not match your own vibration. It feels off, uncomfortable or incompatible.

Our vibration attract other like vibrations to us. All we need to do is become a match to the things we want to create for our wedding and poof! Voila! We are walking down the grand castle staircase wearing that beautiful $50,000 dream dress.

Although it can be that simple, it usually isn’t. To align with the desires we want and allow the goodies into our lives, we need to get in a really, really good feel-good state of being. Once we are feeling good, we need to just chill out, relax and let it come to us. You may argue that you are on a deadline, your wedding is next month and there can’t possibly be enough time to get everything done in time if you chill out and don’t take any action. The ‘hard work’ frame of mind ethics comes from the generations before us who had little if any knowledge of how the Law of Attraction works.

Abraham-Hicks says to get in alignment with your desire first then take inspired action. When you are in the zone, or in the vortex, as Abe calls it, things line up for you and less effort and action is required. So, Step #3 is all about the alignment. It’s the chilling out step. It’s the feel-good step. Trust me, it works. Everything in your life so far is here because you were a vibrational match to it.

If you need help getting in the zone, I created a program that will not only get you feeling good, it will instantly decrease your stress, increase your health, happiness and improve your relationships so you can get back into the zone whenever you desire. Call or email me for more information or check out Bridal Bliss Now.

References: Abraham. Abraham-HIcks. N.p., n.d. Web.

The Value of a Bridal Show

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The planning and execution of a successful wedding is all about making informed decisions. And let’s face it, after he says, “Will you marry me?” and you say, “I thought you’d never ask!” it’s not about making one important decision anymore. It’s about making a million important decisions that will impact your . . .

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health, finances and your relationship with family and friends.

A wedding is about union. It’s about committing to your partner in body, mind and spirit. It’s about changing your concept of self from Me to We. This huge shift in lifestyle affects your psyche and your nervous system. Throw in a bunch of new in-laws, career pressures, social expectations and a fixed budget then watch your stress level escalate before you even set the date for your nuptials.

It may seem like a daunting task to plan a beautiful wedding, but actually it can be quite fun. Confusion and excitement go hand-in-hand and it’s simply a matter of allowing both to work together. All growth originates from a place of confusion. Confusion arises because changes are occurring, and a myriad of options are vying for first-place importance in your decision-making process. In other words, when your mind is filled with too many choices, confusion sets in, you go into stress overload mode then shut down. But when you step back and see life as a journey, and the planning of your wedding as one step along that journey, you’ll realize you’re not alone. Many couples before you have successfully walked the path of wedding planning and marriage. Help is available.

One avenue that is both helpful and fun, is to attend a bridal show. A bridal show can be the central hub where you get many, if not most of the creative ideas for all aspects of your wedding. Do an internet search for upcoming shows in your area and bookmark the dates on your calendar.

A bridal show provides a smorgasbord of opportunities to help a busy bride make informed decisions. These shows are specifically tailored to meet the needs of today’s bride by bringing together the best the wedding industry has to offer. It provides brides with a healthy sampling of all the latest trends in fashion, jewelry, make-up and hair design. You get a chance to check out florists, caterers, D.J.s, banquet halls, hotels and honeymoon destinations all in one location. And, you can have all your important questions answered on-the-spot by the experts while doing some comparison shopping among the competition!

Be sure to bring your date book when you attend a bridal show because you may want to schedule appointments, hire a photographer, videographer, consultant or band. Plan to arrive early so you can make the rounds once, catch the fashion shows, entertainment, sample the food and have time to return to your favorite booths a second time. Wear comfortable walking shoes and come with friends and family who are significant decision-makers in the planning of your wedding.

Decisions are merely choices – yes or no, not right or wrong. Make your wedding affordable, make it festive and most of all, make it fun!

Two of the bridal shows I am connected with at the moment are:

  1. Best Western Plus Governor’s Inn Bridal Show
    Saturday, February 22, 2014 at the Best Western in Kincardine, ON.
    Contact Gina Hutchinson at the Best Western
  2. Dreams Show
    March 2, 2014 at the Red Rose Convention Center, Mississauga, ON.
    For further information about Dreams Show email info@dreamsshows.com.


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Halwa is a light and very nutritious dish you can eat anytime. The Ayurveda way of eating sweets is to have them before the meal because it is the first taste that gets digested by the body. Try eating dessert first and see how your digestion improves. Recipe below . . .

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3 cups semolina, couscous or dry cream of wheat
1 cup coconut oil or ghee
6 cups water
1/2 cup cane sugar
1/2 cup coconut
1/2 cup raisins

Put oil or ghee and semolina in large pan and toast until crisp – about 15 minutes. Watch it and keep stirring or it will burn.

Boil water. Add sugar and raisin and continue boiling for about 10 minutes.

Add boiling water/raisin mixture to toasted semolina. BE CAREFUL because the grains will explode. If there is too much water cook until it reaches the consistency of jelly. Eat warm. Serves many.

Halwa is a tri-dosha dish that can be eaten for breakfast or as a dessert. It is a very healthy and satvic food that brings comfort and joy into your life.

Banana Ice Cream

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An ayurvedic diet does not usually contain frozen foods but this natural ice cream is a healthy alternative to the chemicalized frozen dairy products sold in supermarkets. So if you are going to eat ice cream or serve it to your family and friends, make a conscious choice to serve them natural energy and well-being. Recipe below . . .

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6-8 ripe bananas

1 TBLS of fresh squeezed lemon juice

1 tsp cinnamon

Prepare cupcake tins with foil cupcake papers. Peel bananas. Mash or puree in blender. Add lemon and cinnamon to taste. Pour mixture into cupcake tins. Freeze.

For backyard pool parties or treats for kids, pour banana mixture into popsicle containers. Or, make ice cream cubes and pop them into your favorite summer coolers.

Be creative and experiment with other fruits and spices to satisfy your dosha. Mango, watermelon, strawberries, kiwi and peaches are great as ice cream or popsicle treats! Try combining your favorite fruits then send me your best recipe or post it in the comment section of this blog for others to enjoy!

What A Man Really Wants

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There has been so much research done, studies recorded and books written on the difference between what a man wants in a relationship and what a woman wants. Researchers, love experts, doctors, counselors and scientists spew out so much conflicting information about what they think men and women want or should want that we don’t even know . . .

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what we do want anymore. We just know we’re not happy with what we’ve got. When we’re single we’re not happy. When we’re married we’re not happy. So what’s the answer?

A better question to ask is why researchers are spending so much time and money dissecting the symptoms of relationships rather than probing deeper into the heart of man? Symptoms of any dis-ease or malfunction are merely signs that more significant turbulence lies beneath the surface. Physical, mental and emotional desires are symptoms of unrest in a man’s heart.

The symptoms vary from man to man, just as the symptoms of cancer are different from the symptoms of diabetes. One man may desire a curvy woman with small feet and blonde hair. Another man may not care about the woman’s physical attributes but insists upon having intelligence, a quick wit and an impressive financial portfolio. Then there are the guys who just want a woman who is gentle and kind, loving, compassionate and faithful. These desires are all symptoms of dis-ease that mask the deeper longing in a man’s heart.

Sure, it’d be great to have a woman who satisfies every requirement on your Perfect Woman LIst, but how long will it take before you become bored and dissatisfied – again? That’s because it’s not about the woman and never has been. It’s about you. True, lasting happiness does not come from outside sources. It’s not going to walk into your life wearing high-heels and red lipstick while carrying the promise of undying love and devotion in her Gucci handbag. That may appeal to your animal instincts and your ego, but it will never give peace to the unrest in your heart that is begging for fulfillment.

The only thing that will fill the yearning in a man’s heart is inner joy. Inner joy comes when the layers of fear and pretense have been shed and authenticity is all that remains. Authenticity is about living a mind, body and soul connection with Divinity. The Divine connection is your ability to live your highest potential. When a man is living his personal best every minute of every day he feels completely whole. He is totally filled up and doesn’t make lists describing the perfect woman. His happiness does not depend on being in a relationship. It becomes a conscious choice to have a wife, lover or girlfriend, not a need or a desire.

So what’s the secret to living your greatest potential and connecting to the Divine so that women and relationships do not become the answer to void fulfillment? The fast track answer is gratitude. Yep, it’s that simple. Gratitude is the only thing measurably proven to increase happiness.

Here is a simple process you can use to instantly be your best self: Everyday name 7-10 things you are grateful for and write them down. Each day you must name something different without repeating anything you wrote the day before. It might seem too easy to work but don’t underestimate the power of sincere gratitude. This process can alter the course of the choices you make and take you on the fast track to connect with your authentic self. When you drop into a state of gratitude it rewires your physiology and can completely transform your relationships.

The first relationship that needs to be transformed is the one you have with yourself. To step out of your old patterns of limitation it’s crucial for you to get in touch with who you really are at the deepest level. If you are ready to live from that place and are seeking a partnership that is joyful, playful, loving and long-lasting I wrote a book just for you. It’s called It’s Mostly About Sex and the Pleasures of Pleasing a Woman. It will help you transform your life from need-based living to compassion-based giving. You will stop looking at relationships from the point of what you can get out of them to how you can empower your partner and give her your best. Happiness doesn’t come from getting what we don’t have. It comes from appreciating and having gratitude for what we do have.

Buy the book for yourself then read it to your man.

Salsa Bean Burger.

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Make it from start to finish in 10 minutes or less. Recipe below . . .

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- beans
- couple scoops of salsa
- tortilla chips
- random veggies
- spices to taste

Mash it all together, make into patties, fry in olive oil. Pop into bun, add garnish and eat. I made mini burgers. Just as yummy without the bun.

Orange & Ginger Smoothie

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When you feel yourself reaching for the chocolate bar, caffeine or contemplating an afternoon nap, snap your energy back on track with a nutritious and delicious energy boosting drink. Whip it up in 5 minutes with benefits that will keep you going for the rest of your afternoon . . .

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1 organic banana
4 soaked dates
6-8 soaked almonds
some grated ginger
orange juice (preferably fresh)
Blend and enjoy!

Orange & Ginger Smoothie

The Gift of You

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When does life start getting fun? And when will the menial stuff be done so I can get started making a difference in the world. Why am I here? … Maybe we already know the answer…

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Sometimes I wake up and think, another day of the same old same old. Feed the cats, change the litter box, cut the grass, trim the hedges, scrape and paint the house and deal with all the drama my daughters bring into my life along with all the strays – kittens and homeless teenage boys.

Occasionally, I get a few hours during the week to make art or work on an expressive arts stress reduction program I’m creating so I don’t have to get a “real” job. And, even though it’s summer and I’m almost across the street from the beach, I ask myself far too often, “When does life start getting fun?” And when will the menial stuff be done so I can get started making a difference in the world. Why am I here?

You too have probably asked yourself that question a million times. And when you think you have a hint at the answer you leap down that path only to find that life throws you a curve ball. Your great intentions come to a grinding halt and you are thrown into the same old same old mundane soup again. My guru says to keep asking that question and eventually I will know the answer. I wish “eventually” would hurry up and get here so I can put all my talents and abilities to good use helping others.

Jennifer Vitalia isn’t waiting around for “eventually” to get here. If you haven’t heard of her you are in for a treat. She is the most amazing, positive and uplifting woman with whom I’ve ever spoken. And, she just happens to be a wonderful photographer, artist, entrepreneur – the 3 creatives in life that I highly admire. Jennifer so totally believes that everything in life is art that she created an awesome art magazine called Everything Is Art.

Jennifer also created a non-profit organization in order to provide art education for children because the arts have sadly been cut from the public school systems across the nation. Right now her childrens’ program is focused in New Jersey, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it spreads like wildfire and infiltrates all 50 states in a very short time.

Why am I telling you about this woman? One reason is because I’m a featured artist among many wonderful and diverse artist celebrities in her recent publication Everything Is Art Edition X. But the more important reason is because no matter where we are in life we all need someone to be inspired by at times when we feel like quitting. Those times when we think, “what’s the point?” When all I do is work and it feels like I’m not making any progress I think of Jennifer and all the people she helps, and I just keep going.

Jennifer is devoted to her vision and to her mission, and she works long, hard hours to make her dreams happen. Opportunities aren’t handed to her on a silver platter. She’s a risk-taker and goes after what she believes in with a passion because she knows that the most fulfilling joy comes from living her best so that others may also find joy.

Why am I here? I don’t know and I don’t know if I’ll ever know. But one thing is for certain, when I stop making it about me I have the clarity to see that maybe right now it’s not about being a hero for the masses. Perhaps it just about helping one or two homeless teens get a new start in life.

We all have the encouraging words or the ideas to boost someone into a better quality of life . . . but are we utilizing them? Today is a day to contemplate your individual gifts and abilities and decide how you can up your game.

6 More Simple Weight Loss Tips

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1. Meditate! – brings mindfulness to all we do including out eating habits

2. Don’t eat after 7:30 PM

3. Follow a Kapha Pacifying diet favoring bitter, pungent & astringent foods, but also including the 6 flavors so you don’t miss anything . . .

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4. Do yoga – especially first thing in the morning as part to of your routine to bring body awareness.

5. Do a cleanse to detoxify & jump start your weight loss

6. Take time to enjoy the elements – take walks near the water to connect with water & earth, gaze at the night sky to connect with Space & Air and allow yourself to be out in the Sunshine to connect with Fire.

5 Simple Weight Loss Tips

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1. Live as if you are already your ideal weight; feel how good it feels to be exactly how you want to look right now

2. Start by loving yourself exactly as you are – we really need to start here so that resistance isn’t set up from hating your body.

3. Forget about the scale – In Ayurveda we go after Perfect Health not weight loss. Weight loss or gain is a byproduct of perfect health. (Click Read More to learn 8 more tips)

4. Begin the day with one glass of warm or hot water before drinking or eating anything else. Or ginger lemon tea

5. Sit down to eat in a quiet, settled environment. Do not multi-task while eating. Eat and only eat when eating. No TV, no computer, no video games, no talking on the phone.

The Search for Meaning

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Many many people these days are searching for their meaningful purpose in life, and turning to counselors, spiritual advisers, psychics, mystics, healers, gurus (and even me!) for the answer … as if they know and you don’t. It’s sort of a step in the right direction because true enlightened beings do know. But they know the answer because they’ve gone within themselves to find it. So, in essence this approach is still about . . .

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the masses looking for someone or something outside themselves to tell them what’s going on inside their very own soul. And, it still doesn’t work.

My question is: Why wouldn’t YOU know YOUR mission, your meaningful work, your soul purpose for being here on earth? It’s YOUR purpose, your life, your sacred contract and THE most important question you’ll ever ask and receive the answer to.

Yeah I know, the answer seems so elusive and ethereal, and those aren’t the realms in which the majority of normal people play. But I do on a very regular basis, so I’m going to let you in on a secret and save you tons of money and years of searching and just come right out and tell you the answer even though you’re still going to need to go inside to hear it again directly from Source.

Why am I going to tell you? Because I’ve spent tons of money and years of unnecessary searching and I don’t see any reason to keep the answer a secret. In fact, today I asked my 14 year old daughter to tell me what mission she incarnated into this lifetime to fulfill. Airianna very confidently spelled it out for me about how she is going to help feed, build schools and educate children in Africa and adopt older pets from shelters in order to give them love and a happy home during their last years.

My lovely strong willed, purpose-filled, mission oriented daughter went on for about 15 minutes detailing the specifics of her meaningful work, which included all the ways she is going to help the environment, the unfortunate and even the fortunate. I burst into tears listening to her because when I was 14 I didn’t even know I had a mission, and I thought my soul was that mysterious unidentified part of me that went to some elusive heaven after I died because that’s what they told me in church. How it was going to get to heaven didn’t really concern me because I was too busy playing my flute, swimming at the YMCA and shooting hoops with the hot senior guys from the other school who hung out at my neighborhood courts.

I was a totally happy youth and didn’t know I was going to have to search for my fulfillment mission when I grew up; but Airianna hasn’t been sitting around waiting for some indefinite time in the future to begin consciously and actively participating in her destiny. Nope, she has been willingly devoting herself to serving others since the age of seven.

Airianna uses part of her allowance to buy cat food to donate to pet rescue missions, candy stripes at the hospital, bakes cupcakes to sell at school during lunchtime to help the Helping Hands organization earn money for children in Sierra Leone, volunteers her Saturdays and Sundays to help run the 10,000 Villages sale at our local library, goes door to door collecting food for the food bank drives (despite the fact that year after year creepy old men answer their doors wearing no pants), and she participates in cancer walks as well as organizing teams and doing fund-raising. These examples are just a few I can think of off the top of my head for how my daughter is living her chosen mission now, through her own free will on an extremely limited budget. If she can be this self-directed, everybody can.

That’s not to say I don’t know my mission – creative expression for the purpose of healing en masse. I’ve known for many years, but didn’t have the specific details to execute the plan and it drove me NUTS!!! So I went to my room for a private meditation, which was really just an excuse to have a nap and a pity party for one. After wallowing in it for about 10 minutes my higher self took over, kicked my ego out of bed and me back into balance, then reminded me of what I already knew … and what you already know.

There is only one reason, one mission, one purpose for why our souls have landed on planet earth in human form in this time/space reality; to totally, completely and entirely embody, embrace and experience life in all its multi facets. That’s it, it’s not complicated, it’s not a secret and there ain’t no more to it.

It’s not about one person having an important mission and another having a lesser one, one being destined to find the cure for cancer while another’s fate is to serve meals at a soup kitchen. Nor is it about donning Indiana Jones gear in an attempt to find your purpose. It’s not hidden in the Temple of Doom along with joy, inner peace and that sensual brunette you’ve been searching for all your life.

LIFE is your purpose.

The evolved spiritual masters have always known this and never tried to keep it a secret. In fact, they shouted it from mountaintops, dungeons, deserts and the cross, but only a few devoted seekers have ever been willing to hear the truth. So why’d these dudes and dudettes spend years in isolation going within themselves meditating on a question they already knew the answer to? They didn’t, and therein lies the confusion … and the work.

When you know – have true knowing, not just an intellectual understanding – that your soul incarnated into human form for the purpose of having experiences, it then becomes simply a matter of setting intentions and choosing the experiences you want to have. By this time, your personal interests will have led you in a particular direction and your “cause” will be revealed through your own motivation and intuition.

In the meantime, law of attraction will continue to align you with people and/or organizations with whom you have consciously or unconsciously chosen to have experiences according to the vibrational energy of your personal signature. Thus, if you don’t like your experiences or the people you’re having them with, then you need to change your vibration. There ain’t no other way, babe!

Each of us is a unique vibrational signature that encompasses the totality of our body/mind/spirit energy systems. As we shed light on the dark spots within our signatures – the places that still hold us prisoners by fear, illusions, doubts and old wounds; in other words, that which blocks our energy from fully flowing – the totality of who we are gets stirred up, activated and set in motion. It’s like opening a clogged bathroom drain and removing a gunky hairball wad that’s been accumulating for the last 30 years. Next time you turn on the water it flows through the pipes like there’s no tomorrow. Same deal once we remove the gunk from our own energy systems – everything gets moving again.

The “cleaner” you get your personal energy pipes, the greater your chances are of understanding your direction and that which motivates you to take one path rather than another. When you know what motivates you, your actions, decisions, thoughts, and your words, the clarity empowers you, and your authentic voice becomes louder. You are then in a position to make informed decisions as well as being able to understand the motivations of others. When you can see what motivates others you are empowered within that situation to make choices that support the greater good of the whole.

The cool thing is that once you know that existing for the purpose of experiencing life is your purpose, the “how” simply becomes a matter of choice, and the fun begins. Many milestone moments must be met before you reach this point, but when you’ve met them you’ll have achieved a great amount of inner and outer clarity about yourself and the world in which you live and you won’t be pulled this way and that with every emotional storm that blows in your direction – compassionate detachment is what I call it. You’re gifts and abilities will be well developed by this point and you’ll know how to utilize them for the greater good of yourself and the whole. You won’t think about it any more, you’ll just do it, whatever “it” is.

We’ve all heard of or read about individuals who have performed wonderfully benevolent services for humanity and we think they were acting on their sacred contracts, their personal soul mission, and if we don’t find ours, our lives will be insignificant with tombstones that read, “here lies what’s his name,” and the aching emptiness inside will persist forever. It’s this faulty thinking that has people spinning in circles looking everywhere except within themselves and in front of their noses for the answer.

The gurus, mystics and healers knew that spirit made flesh to have many human experiences is our purpose, and they chose love as their main experience. So, what did they do during their long stints in isolation? They practiced love. Yep, that’s it!

They went on a conscious journey to unmask all that was not love within themselves. The spiritual masters practiced love and healed their addictions to satiation – which covers just about every category of emotional, physical and spiritual dis-ease that exists – until the single most powerful energy they radiated, was love. It begins first with self by stepping out of all ego based motivations.

We all have free will to choose the methods through which to dive deeper into our unique expressions of self. Airianna’s purpose is not about feeding the hungry and saving all the animals in the world any more than Jesus’ was to heal the blind; it’s about existing to have experiences. But she, like other light-workers who have come before her, is motivated by love and chose selfless service to the earth and humanity as the way she wants to experience her existence.

Me? You guessed it. Love is also the main meal on my menu of life, along with beauty. Someone once asked me why I don’t create art when I’m angry or in a bad mood. And although I see the value in releasing that negative energy in a constructive form, I just want to create beautiful things. So I only make art when I’m in a passionately inspired heart space. This way it doesn’t matter what the finished form looks like because I know it will always be beautiful and have the energy of love eternally embedded within.

Everyday in every way we are presented with opportunities to live our divine purpose consciously. If love is the path you want to walk, have a look at the situations and petty tyrants that provoke you the most, because they are the ones that give you the chance to improve your loving abilities by leaps and bounds.

Let’s face it, it’s not easy to really, truly and unconditionally love or forgive your ex wife, your best friend or yourself when you catch them in bed together. Nor is it easy to love your room-mate when he trashes your apartment, steals your car and disappears without a trace still owing you 3 months rent. Nevertheless, the opportunity to fulfill your divine purpose through the experiential living of love is ever present; you just need to recognize it for what it is.

So next time you feel that aching emptiness that the collective consciousness says will be filled when you “find” your life purpose (or that “perfect” mate), just realize you’re already living your purpose. Now you have the awareness to live it consciously by taking a closer look at your interests, passions, abilities and those inner motivational driving forces that get you all fired up to want to change the world, or yourself. This is the clue that points you in the most meaningful and exciting direction on your earth walk.

May you walk your path in love, inspiration, robust health, good spirits, steadfast companionship and joy.

Inspiration in the Midst of Transformation

To ignore a truth is to give it power. This action sets up an imbalance within, caused by the duality of your own nature; limitless expansion of the spirit versus resistance and denial from the mind. To confront a negative situation, person or experience with too much energy is to fixate on the negative, thus giving your power over to an outside source. By flipping your perspective . . .

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Inspiration in the Midst of Transformation

and seeing a “bad” situation in a different light, you become the one in charge of your destiny. And when you face a truth head on, you dissolve the duality that keeps you in an out-of-balance state of anxiety, fear, depression or hopeless despair.

Planetary energies can be one of these truths we ignore because we just don’t have the time, energy, knowledge or inclination to look into the depth of the effect they have on our emotions, moods and the transitional phases of our life situations. Just like the moon affects the ebb and flow of the tides and the physiology of our human bodies, the rest of the planets in our solar system also affect our human experiences according to their innate characteristics.

At this time in the evolution of man we are experiencing cosmic energies that are causing all of us to feel the shifts on personal, collective and global levels, and ignoring these energies, or our feelings, isn’t making them go away . . . is it?

So, I figured I’d tell you a little bit about what’s happening out there and how it’s affecting us inside, in the hopes you will be inspired to shift your perspective in this time of transition in order to move through these changes in a positive way that leaves you feeling empowered and maybe even fulfilled.

Right now the planets of Jupiter and Pluto are in the sign of Capricorn, and Pluto is going to stay there for the next 17 years. Yikes!!! Capricorn is an earth sign with a realistic, serious, patriarchal influence represented by a very masculine archetype. It’s the planet of economy, business, politics and social order and it relates to how we externalize ourselves in the world in regards to status, career and position of authority.

Inspiration in the Midst of Transformation

Jupiter is about success, ambition, inspiration, growth and wealth. It’s upbeat and light-hearted with an internal code of honor coupled with intuitive perception. The energy of Jupiter is all about expanding our experiences, knowledge and understanding in the physical, intellectual, spiritual and cultural realms. It represents optimism, generosity, joy, abundance and great fortune.

Our dear little planet Pluto with its intense energy and nonconformist attitude, is all about transformation – slow, inescapable, inevitable, powerful, forced if necessary, transformation. Good or bad, change is in the air when Pluto comes to astro town. It breaks down the old and replaces it with the new . . . and I’m talking drastic!

Pluto brings to the surface the parts of ourselves we haven’t wanted to look at or address; confrontation with the shadow self – karma; which makes sense because in mythology Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld. When Pluto moved into Capricorn in January, the universe was telling us it’s time to take a very close look at our personal and collective destinies, soul purposes, and the way we have self-created our individual fates and the economic fate of our nation, thus far. Saturn’s placement in Virgo (For further info read Help on Your Healing Journey and 4 Great Tips Using Planetary Healing Energies) brings up work and health issues, which means we need to seriously consider the effect our career choices have on our happiness, well-being and overall evolution.

We have all been feeling this restless-uncertainty-on-the-brink-of-upheaval energy on a collective level in the corporate business structures, job market and political systems, as well as on a personal level. In previous years the focus of the clients who contacted me was about how to have a better relationship or attract their dream partner. This year the number of people seeking guidance in finding their life purpose has increased dramatically, reflecting the Jupiter/Pluto in Capricorn forces at work in the universe.

Inspiration in the Midst of Transformation

It’s time to consciously move to a new level of understanding and become practical realists with a focused direction and clear goals. A man with a plan . . . . or woman! And that plan needs to be carried out with integrity and conscientious maturity in a disciplined, committed, step-by-step approach. The effect of Jupiter in Capricorn is like telling a joke in a serious business environment; light in the midst of darkness. It’s about fixing the structure by voicing your truth without attachment to the outcome and travelling beyond our borders to learn something new.

This summer I traveled beyond my borders to learn something new. I drove to the neighboring town (35 miles both ways 4 times) to take a couple art classes. Art isn’t exactly something new to me, but I hadn’t done any in several years and with all the transitions I was going through, my spirit was hungering to be fed, and what better way for a creator to feed it, than by mucking about with art materials?

Transformation draws energy from the physical cells of the body, as well as the mental and emotional realms of our Being. You can easily end up feeling tired without there seeming to be any logical reason for it. But the thing about transformation is that it’s difficult to see evidence of the changes taking place when we are in the very midst of those changes, because change takes place inside before the results are made manifest in our external environment.

I was quite aware that I was in the process of transformation because I had intentionally put a stop to the momentum of my career direction and was consciously examining alternative options. In other words, I too was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life and I felt the physical effects of this transformational period – I was tired without a reason. Unknowingly, my actions were in alignment with the Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn energies because I was clearly confronting my challenges in the material world in order to find sharper focus for my meaningful life’s work. So, I put a halt to my mental marathon and took a few art classes to get some hands-on action back into my life.

Inspiration in the Midst of Transformation

Now, during this Jupiter/Pluto in Capricorn phase when I’m overwhelmed by lack of clarity in regards to career direction and my mood starts taking a dive, I simply gaze at the art pieces I created this summer and get lost in the happiness contained there-within. In and around my art room I’ve propped up some inspiration in the making – several sketches drawn on handmade paper that are waiting for me to infuse them with color, vibrancy, movement and new life. It’s always good to have something that inspires one to keep moving forward, dreaming about what could be, shaping it in the mind before taking action.

There are many ways to keep your spirit fed during these trying times whether you think you are creative or not. Sign up for a class or workshop like I did, and learn something new, or get an alternative perspective on your current area of interest and pick up a few new skills while you-re doing it. It can be very uplifting to immerse yourself in a group of like-minded enthusiasts. It’s easier to get your own energy moving when you are among energy that is already in an animated state of motion.

Another way to move energy is to actually get up and move! Go for a walk where no man has walked before – or at least in territory that’s unfamiliar to you. If you’re a jogger, go for a swim; if you work out in the gym, try yoga at the beach instead. Take a trip somewhere exotic and exciting. If traveling to Fiji or booking a flight on the Space Shuttle is not in alignment with your current finances or vacation time, how about a free trip to your local travel agency to browse through brochures rather than sitting home alone searching through Expedia or Travelocity?

The idea is to stay positive, fresh and enthusiastic about life in order to avoid that all too familiar slump that’s waiting for us to fall to our knees and never get up again. Think big or think small, just be sure to think and act outside your regular box from time to time, and especially during these times of transition that are calling for us to re-examine every facet of our personal, collective and global lives.

To lift your energies I’ve interspersed some of my art just so you have some inspirational energy to come back to when you need a boost of happy and can’t seem to get it anywhere else.

Exploits of a Would-Be Cake Decorator Part II

article image

As you can see, I’ve graduated to become a master cake decorator and designer. LOL. Solve one problem and another one arises. Now that the crumbled mess and mental confusion of my earlier disasters are gone, there is the little issue about the extra 10 pounds I gained.

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Exploits of a Would-Be Cake Decorator Part II

What? Somebody had to eat the hundreds of cakes and zillions of cupcakes I baked to practice my techniques. The neighbors were ducking under the furniture when I came to deliver my latest creations. And unfortunately I didn’t use the kind of sugar that guarantees that sexy hour-glass figure.

Exploits of a Would-Be Cake Decorator Part II

Exploits of a Would-Be Cake Decorator Part I

Last November I gave my daughter a cake decorating class for her birthday. For six months we have been eagerly waiting to learn the magic of turning an ordinary cake into a scrumpdilicious mouthwatering masterpiece of gourmet art. On Wednesday night we finally got our chance. I thought it was going to be an easy class. The kind where we basically squeeze icing through . . .

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pre-made tips to form flowers, letters, dots and squiggles. Then voila! Everyone is oohing and ahhing at our beautifully crafted decadent delights as we blush and say, “Shucks, it was nothing.”

Yeah, well that sure didn’t happen.


Exploits of a Would-Be Cake Decorator Part I

That’s my homework. The cake I’m supposed to take to class next week to decorate with pretty pink rose buds and dainty green foliage. NOT.

I even treated myself to the expensive 8” x 3” round Wilton cake pan so that my cake would turn out perfect, just like my teacher’s. I’ve been baking cakes for neigh on 45 years and this one was straight from the Betty Crocker box. So what happened?

I’ll tell you what happened. This cake reflects my creative state of being at the moment – ALL OVER THE PLACE. There’s just no hiding the truth, especially when it’s flopped on a plate staring back at me.

So I decided to eat it for dinner, bake another one for class and use this crumbly mess as a message. Yep, time to make some clear goals with an action plan to back them up.

Stay tuned for part 2 of The Exploits of a Would-Be Cake Decorator – layering with filling. It already sounds like a lick-it-off-the-body-and-floor catastrophe waiting to happen. I’m in!!!

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